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JMeter is a Java based tool for doing performance testing, but it can also be used for doing functional testing. I think JMeter is mainly used for testing web application, i.e. HTTP testing, but it can also be used for testing JDBC, web services, FTP, and so on.

I became actively involved in the development of JMeter in 2007, and I have submitted numerous patches to JMeter, and recently I became a "committer" on the JMeter project.

Most of my patches have been to improve the HTTP testing, but I have also made some patches for GUI improvements and other fixes for low hanging fruits.

JMeter is currently in 2.3RC3, and I think the final 2.3 version will arrive within the next month.

I plan to add several useful pages of JMeter information on this site, and also some web applications that can be used to test and verify JMeter behaviour.


I have now made an RSS feed containing the last 30 submits to the Subversion repository available SVN submit log feed, and a menu option to see the log on this site .

I have now added a preliminary prototype of the JMeter source code indexed by OpenGrok. I will work more on that shortly.



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