Building a powerful web server

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After working with building a low power, energy efficient web server, I wanted to have a stab at building a powerful web server.

I am still in the process of configuring the web server, so I do not have all the details at the moment. More details on hardware and software will follow.

The machine contains a Intel Q9450 Quad CPU (2.67 GHz),8GB of RAM, and a 320 GB SATA disk. The cabinet is an Antec NSK4480B, with 80Plus power supply.

The machine is running Ubuntu 8.04 LTS.

When the machine is running under low load, i.e. CPU running at 2.0GHz, the measured energy consumption is about 90 W. When the CPU is running at 100%, the energy consumption is about 110 W.


Read more on the performance tfor this machine.

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