Compile performance on Intel Duo and Quad processors

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I am currrently doing some performance testing on an Intel E8400 Duo and an Intel Q9450 Quad processor.

I will publish results for compile times of Apache 2.2.9, Tomcat 6.x and Liferay 5.x, to see how the two processors compare in compile performance, and to see if it makes sense to go for dual core or quad core when creating a "build machine".

All tests will be performed using Linux, namely Ubuntu 8.04

I hope to publish the results within 25. July 2008.


Compilation time for Liferay 5.1

The source for Liferay 5.1.0 was downloaded, and the "ant start build-ext" target was executed. The target "ant clean" had been run prior to running the test.

Liferay consists of only Java code, and JDK 1.6 was used for the compilation, and Ant 1.7.0.

The compile time on the Intel Quad core Q9450 was 1m and 20 seconds.

The compile time on the Intel Dual core E8400 was 1m and 40 seconds.

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