Running Asus P5Q Pro and P5QL Pro under Linux

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This article contains my experiences with running Ubuntu 8.04 on the following Asus motherboards, P5Q PRO and P5QL PRO.

Network card

To get the PCI Express network card on the motherboards to work, you need to download and compile the driver, since it it not supported in the standard Ubuntu 8.04.

Follow the description in following this forum thread to compile the drive, see the section "Solved!!". Note that this driver does not seem to work 100% properly, it does not report the number of bytes sent when running "ifconfig eth0", the TX is always0, and I have had problems when doing performance testing of Liferay, where networking just stopped working.

Note that the driver seems to be supplied as a patch to Linux kernel 2.6.25, but it does not seem to have been applied yet, I will look more into this, and provide more accurate info on this soon. The patch is here.

The patch has now been integrated into Linus tree, and it is available in from the 2.6.27rc1 and onwards. So download a release candidate for 2.6.27 kernel from, and compile the kernel with support for the "atl1e: Atheros L1E Gigabit Ethernet driver". You can read about how to compile your own kernel here.



I have the Intel Q9450 Quad CPU and Intel E8400 Duo CPU running on these motherboards. To get the lmsensors to show the CPU temperature, I had to upgrade to Linux kernel 2.6.26, I think 2.6.25 also works, so that these new CPUs are reckognized. I also had to run the lmsensors version 3.0.2, which is newer than the version present in Ubuntu 8.04.

 Both the P5Q PRO and P5QL PRO motherboards contains the Winbond 83667HG SuperIO chip, and this is currently not supported in the Linux kernel. Luckily, there is a workaround that works almost perfect. You just issue a "sudo modprobe w83627ehf force_id=0x8860", and then you can use the "sensors" program to see the motherboard temperatures, fan speed and CPU temperature. More information is available in the following forum post.

Additional information