Running Juniper Network Connect on Ubuntu 8.10

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I finally got the Juniper Network Connect VPN running today on my 64bit Ubuntu 8.10 installation.

 Here are the steps I followed to get it running :

You need to set up Firefox 32 bit, to be able to run the Juniper applet to download the software, see for more information.

You can actually use the browser on another Linux machine if you want to. Just get the applet startet, and it will download the "network connect" software to your home directory, i. .e /home/<user/.juniper_networks. I used another machine, then just made a tar ball of that directory, and extracted the tar ball on the machine where I want to run the VPN.


Then I used the brilliant description found on : So it was just a matter of running the script on that page. You should be aware that the Juniper Network Connect only seems to work with 32bit java, so you need to have 32bit java installed, and either have it set as default java (using update-java-alternatives) or by setting the PATH so that the 32 bit java on your system is used.


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