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I have made some RSS feeds, which uses the weather data in XML format from

The supplies weather forecasts for the whole world.

My main reason for these RSS feeds is to use them as screen savers on the SqueezeBox, to be able to easily see weather information when away from the PC.

But others are free to use it to display weather RSS feeds on other sites.


Warmest, wettes and coldest in Norway

Here is a RSS feed for the "Warmest, wettest and coldest" records for the current day in Norway.

This is the same feed in Norwegian.

Disclaimer : Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK


Your own weather RSS feed for any city in the world, or any place in Norway

Here is the weather forecast for Ålgård from

Here is a RSS feed for weather forecast for Ålgård, based on data from

Here is a RSS feed for weather forecast for Berlin, Germany, based on data from


Have a look at cities outside Norway or places inside Norway to find value to use for the location URL parameter :

The value of the language URL parameter should be either no_NO for Norwegian or en_US for English forecast.


If you use these RSS feeds, I would appreciate if you include a short credit to, with a link to this site, using the URL :

That would help other people wanting similar feeds to find this page and instructions on how to use it.


Look at weather stations around the world

You can also view a map of weather stations around the world, read more at CWOP weather stations in a map.




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