CWOP weather stations in maps using KML

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The CWOP,  Citizen Weather Observer Program, is a site which contains information about weather stations throughout the world which are reporting weather data to the CWOP site.

I have made a couple of utilties to be able to create a KML file containing all the CWOP weather stations in the world.

This allows you to view the weather stations in Google Maps, Google Earth and other mapping tools which can read the KML file format. You will then get the weather stations as a separate layer.

Stations marked with the red icon contains a link to the web page of the weather station, so click the red icons, and then click on the URL being displayed in the window that opens.

Stations marked with blue icon does not have a web page for the weather station registered at the CWOP site.



The KML file is updated daily. 

Download the CWOP weather station KML file, or just enter "" in the "Search" field of, and then Google Maps will automatically retrieve the KML file.

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